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Members of the LEDC have decades of consulting, business ownership, operations and management experience in the town of Laughlin. We utilize our experience and information gathered in the assessment process to understand community needs and the direction of our partners strategic investments. We plan feasible projects that are in line with the mission of our partners and the LEDC.

Once the LEDC assesses and plans community opportunities, we oversee the implementation of the initiative or strategic investment with consulting, direct funding and/or communicating with relevant stakeholders including property owners, business management, federal and state agencies and most importantly the Laughlin residents. 

The LEDC can assist in getting your strategic investment moving faster through the utilization of our community network that spans well beyond the borders of Laughlin. Development efforts require stakeholders from banks, mid to large corporations, government agencies, businesses and regulators among others. Our experienced members will make your development process flow efficiently with the lowest possible cost to your organization.

The LEDC utilizes information on community assets and facts gathered from within Laughlin in our assessment process. We conduct surveys, analyze tax records, establish   business interviews and use personal experiences in our assessment of projects that will promote growth and development and improve the health, welfare and quality of life for Laughlin residents.





The LEDC released comments for the BLM's Resources Management Plan. Our goal is jobs and economic development! Click the links below to see our comments

Our mission is to create and implement a collaborative venture among civic and business leaders in the town of Laughlin, to promote the health, welfare and quality of life for the residents of Laughlin through economic development

Laughlin residents: Put gas-fired generating plant on the 9,000 acres, not in the middle of town!

This was the demand that State Senator Joe Hardy heard during his visit to an LEDC sponsored event about the residents wishes for the future of the former Mohave Generating Station site which contains 2,500 non utilized acres in the middle of Laughlin. Read the LEDC's press release here

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