Laughlin Economic Development Corporation

LEDC Mission Statement

To create and implement a collaborative venture among civic and business leaders in the town of Laughlin, to promote the health, welfare and quality of life for the residents of Laughlin through economic development. LEDC develops and implements programs which increase employment, further educational research and promote recreational opportunities.
The LEDC would like to thank the continued support of our business members!

           April's Monthly Economic Development Update

Tax season has arrived, and the LEDC wants to show the residents the true value of their tax dollars and where the value of our community assets are located. Each year since the LEDC began as a non-profit organization, qualified members of our organization have worked diligently to track community assets and gain a thorough understanding of our tax base, so we can be better informed of where the true value within the community exists and make decisions surrounding community needs based on those facts alone.

We want to congratulate and thank our retirees, working middle class, home owners, renters, business owners and members of the township outside of the hotel sector, because you are in fact the true driving force behind Laughlin's economy. For five of the previous seven years the hotel base made up less than half of the total taxable values for the township. Gaming revenues continue to decline with the latest February figures showing a 5% year over year decline. We expect this tax trend to continue into the foreseeable future as there are no signs of the gaming and hotel sector being a formidable driving force in Laughlin's economy. To see the entire report and detailed breakdown of each hotel property CLICK HERE.

           March's Monthly Economic Development Update

Construction of Laughlin's new VA clinic is well underway. The LEDC was instrumental in getting the VA clinic to consider its Laughlin location and worked diligently for several years to secure the vital medical service for Laughlin's retired service men and women. The exact opening date for the 5,363 square foot location is not determined as there have been minor setbacks causing the original Spring 2014 date to be extended. We are confident that the clinic will begin operating in 2014, and the residents will be provided with quality medical services.

The VA clinic is located at 3650 South Point Circle in Laughlin's professional plaza behind the South Point Market on Needles Highway and James Bilbray Dr. The LEDC would like to extend a big thank you to those members who worked hard to achieve this milestone for Laughlin, and the US Department of Veteran Affairs for their willingness to provide the needed outpatient services to our community.

For more information on the clinic or to follow the progress you can contact the LEDC or visit the Laughlin section of the US Department of Veteran Affairs site by clicking here

February's Monthly Economic Development Update

The results of the pharmacy survey have been tabulated and the LEDC points out the significant conclusions:

1)    There is an overwhelming desire across all ages and spending categories for a local pharmacy.

2)    There is a close correlation of that desire with the belief that there are enough residents and visitors to support it.

3)    89% of residents visit their current pharmacies at least once a month. Of that 89%, one-third (32.9%) do so weekly or more frequently.

4)    Only 11.5% are age 34 or younger. Of the 2 older categories, 61% are at least age 55.

5)    Customers spent an estimated $300,899 a year at the maximum of the 3 lower ranges and the minimum of the highest range of $3,500 or more. Spending was specified as out-of-pocket plus insured covered costs.

6)    Survey excluded non-prescription spending. 

Our next step will be to put the survey results in the hands of pharmaceutical companies who have expressed interest in Laughlin. We were satisfied with the response of the community and believe the 200 responses we gathered reflect accurately the views of a majority Laughlin residents. 

January's Monthly Economic Development Update

Happy New Year LEDC viewers. We believe 2014 will bring many opportunities to expand economic development in Laughlin. The previous one year the LEDC has begun talks with national pharmacy chains and reached out to various pharmacists hoping they would express interest in the community. We have yet to secure a pharmacy due to various reasons, one of which is the uncertainty around the new health care law. LEDC Secretary, Jim Maniaci, has spent countless hours researching how the new law will affect Laughlin residents. Many insurance plans will not allow participants to purchase healthcare or prescription medications out of state. With this fear the time to develop a pharmacy for Laughlin residents is now. The LEDC is looking out for Laughlin residents by spreading the word of our community needs and assisting potential bidders with site locations, business registration, pharmacy applications and inquiries with the Nevada Board of Pharmacy. 

The LEDC has initiated a community survey that we hope will outline the opportunities available to pharmacies looking to invest in Laughlin. We anticipate good results in the survey, showing that residents do in fact want and will use a local pharmacy. Please click on the tab above the participate in the survey. 

December's Monthly Economic Development Update

Elected Clark County Assessor Michele Shafe addressed the LEDC Leadership Speakers forum open to the public on November 14, 2013. "The Assessor is required by Nevada law to discover, list and value all real and personal property within the county," explains Shafe. The Assessor's mission is to perform accurate and equitable assessment functions to serve the public, with a vision of being the most technologically advanced, user friendly assessor's office in the Country. 

Laughlin residents learned the process the Assessor goes through in determining property taxes and they received in depth information about the current tax environment within the Laughlin township. Shafe presented breakdowns of taxable values for residential, commercial, industrial and casino properties. Residents learned about exemption programs and had the opportunity to ask questions and address their concerns. For an in depth analysis on the property tax structure in Laughlin please contact us to speak with our local developers and real estate professionals.

CLICK HERE to see the powerpoint presentation by Michele Shafe

November's Monthly Economic Development Update

Clark County orders a "best use plan" for the 9,000 acres of land sitting on the Laughlin side of the Colorado River. This is the same land that ENN Energy had an option to purchase which expired in June 2013, due to the inability to secure a power purchase agreement. The purpose of the economic study is to determine "what it is we have and what someone can do with it," so that Clark County may put forth a marketing strategy for potential developers.

Members of the LEDC will follow the study over the next 60 days and offer any assistance to RCG Economics as they perform their due diligence of the 9,000 acre site.  Their findings will be made available to the public, at which time the LEDC will utilize RCG's data to assist with our efforts of attracting new businesses for economic development in Laughlin.