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Status update from October 2016: Four members of the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation attended the 60th the annual dinner of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance on Sept. 29 at the Aria on the Vegas Valley’s world-famous Strip. They were among some 700 present for a program labelled
“Developossible.” Click here to read the announcement from the LEDC!
The LEDC provides a platform for economic development that harnesses the exponential strength of what our members do as individuals within the community. Members and committees of the LEDC participate in events and take on initiatives that exemplify our Mission Statement. We strive to be a community partnership for action in which members can provide networking, professional services, financial support initiatives and community building through economic development in Laughlin. 

​Membership dues and charitable donations benefit a variety of groups. Getting involved with the LEDC means getting involved with awarding annual scholarships to deserving Laughlin High School graduates, being a leading contributor to financial relief programs or establishing awards during ceremonies recognizing the accomplishments of Laughlin's youth.

Laughlin Economic Development Corporation

A community partnership for action


Getting involved can include the initiation and coordination of guest speakers representing Local, State and Federal interests. Members join committees that spend thousands of hours each year in private and public meetings, conducting market research and tracking legislation. Furthermore we initiate and sponsor qualified, independent studies and reports for a variety of community concerns such as the financial feasibility of incorporating Laughlin, public services, taxes and various real estate development. Finally we coordinate all of the information towards enhancing economic development in Laughlin. 

​​The LEDC is always looking for civic and business leaders to join us in our efforts of promoting economic development in Laughlin. If you are interested in getting involved with LEDC events, or if you have an event you would like sponsored please 
join us. Should you have any questions about your involvement, or want to know how you can help Laughlin's economic development please do not hesitate to contact us